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Registering your nickname

Nov 23, 2010 | 0 comments

It is important to know that registration is not required to chat. This guideline is for people who find themselves using the same nickname every time, and want to make sure nobody else gets to use it.
Ok, so here’s the deal on registering your nickname, the point of it being that you want to make sure that you’re the only one that can use that nickname on the server. 

1st thing you have to know:

This chat site connects to many public IRC servers, the equivalent of connecting to MSN, YAHOO, AOL, etc… with the implication that you have to register your nickname on each server you want to reserve your nickname. Each chat room’s corresponding server is listed under the server key in the chat rooms dropdown.

The registration process involves some/all of the following, depending on the server you want to register on – the server response will steer you in the right direction:

Text in red indicates a variable specific to you – change the red text to your specific info.

  1. When in a chat room, the first tab in the list is the server tab (Atrum, ZAIRC, etc). Click on it so the messages you type to the server won’t be displayed in the chat room by accident.
  2. Type: /msg nickserv register ****** youremail (replace ****** with password, youremail with your valid email address – some servers don’t require the email address, so you might be able to leave that out).
  3. Your nickname will now either be registered, or an email will be sent to you with a confirmation code – follow those directions.
  4. Now, EVERY time you log into that server with that nickname, you will HAVE to check the “I have a password” checkbox, and enter the password there before connecting. If you’ve already connected before entering the password, type: /msg nickserv identify ****** or you will be kicked/nickname will be changed. You usually have 60 seconds to do this.
  5. As an added security method, you can type: /msg nickserv set kill on, and anybody trying to use your nickname without entering the passwor mentioned in point 4 will have their nickname changed or will be kicked off the server.

For more info, go look on each server’s home page listed under the server key in the chat room dropdown in the main menu.

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