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This is an exciting free chat portal that combines South Africa’s most popular chat rooms & IRC servers. Just click on the chat room you’d like to visit below, and enjoy!
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Mobile or bust!

Chat27 is now optimised for mobile devices. Chat rooms resize according to your mobile screen, and functionality adapts to the device you’re on.

All About…

There’s no large company trying to make a profit or big financial scheme going on here. Chat 27 combines my love for chatting and web design! Read more here.

Chat 27 relies heavily on word of mouth, so please INVITE YOUR FRIENDS and like us on facebook!

Chat 27 Support

If you have any queries, questions, problems & issues, Chat 27 has a collection of FAQs from users that probably felt the same way. Click here to view our support blog.

New to Chat 27!

Chat 27 Support

Here are some of the question most Chat27 users ask. See our full chat support section by clicking here.



There are several possibilities why you might not be able to connect. Have a look at these, and if you can’t resolve the issue, get in touch with us.

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Adding Your Chat Room

Adding Your Chat Room

We are prepared to add any room where a convincing case is made, regardless of the amount of chatters, provided you comply with the following criteria and guidelines.

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