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First of all: Thank you so much for providing this invaluable feedback! It will help us to constantly improve your and others’ chat experience!

Please be as thorough as possible when reporting an error – every detail helps!   


Known Unresolved Bugs & Issues:

These are the bugs that have been reported/spotted thus far. Where you see "Please confirm" you are encouraged to submit your bug report if you have the same issue, as we're not sure if the issue was isolated or common.

  • Confirmed: Volwasseklets ( servers currently don't connect. We're working with server admin to resolve the issue.
  • Confirmed: Some website footer elements still need to be completed.
  • Please confirm: Sometimes when trying to connect to a chat room, you get a "Error Connecting (socket hang up)" error. Refreshing the page resolves the issue most of the time, or try connecting again in 5 minutes.
  • Please confirm: 3G/4G issues when connecting via CellC mobile connection. Vodacom and MTN connections seem to work fine.
  • Please confirm: Connection issues via Chrome browser on older versions of Android. Default browser, Firefox mobile and anther browsers seem to work fine.

Resolved Bugs & Issues:

  • Chat27 owner is not fat enough

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