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[UPDATE 2017.11.04] With the price of Bitcoin soaring, I thought it only fair to half the asking prices below to 1-2BTC

It’s time to simplify my life and move on to new things, so here we go… FOR SALE FOR 1-2 BTC (Bitcoin)

I’m not interested in cash, contracts and paperwork. Asking price varies according to your requirement:

  1. 1BTC IF YOU:
    1. Want to just buy the domain and create your own website or forward the domain to your own site, or
    2. Want to buy the domain, take over the hosting and already have the expertise in-house to maintain and develop the existing site (WordPress, VPS, KiwiIRC) with minimal input from me.
  2. 2BTC IF YOU:
    1. Want to buy and will need assistance and training to maintain the current website.


  1. This sale only includes transferring ownership of
  2. ownership transfer optional.
  3. The sale does not include:
    1. hosting – though keeping the website as is would involve transferring hosting into your name as well.
    2. other brands, websites or properties associated with Chat27, as they are merely affiliates, not direct property of Chat27.
If you’re interested, feel free to email for more information.

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