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Nuwe klets kamer: NetPret

Ons geniet dit vreeslik om te gesels met die mense op die NetPret Klets Kamer, en dink regtig hulle is ‘n groot aanwins tot Chat27.

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Chat27 App now available!

We’re very excited to announce that the Chat27 (BETA) Android App is available for download via the Google Play store on bit.ly/chat27App.

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Moderately Mobile

Admittedly it’s been difficult to find a solution that’s mobile friendly for Chat27, and that’s why we haven’t implemented anything concrete.

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Chat2Me Used2Be

Back in 2010, www.chat2me.co.za was created as sister site to www.chat27.co.za. The idea behind chat2me was to provide a different chatting experience to the chat27 one. Note, not “better” or “worse”, just different.

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Java is Dead

I’m going to start off this post with an excerpt from an email I received from the developer of the Java chat software Chat27 & Chat2me utilises.

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Growing Up

The Chat27 website design has stood the test of time (maybe, you tell me!), and it seems to still be functioning as it was intended 6 years earlier.

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A new year, a new logo!

It’s been some time coming, and it’s here! I wanted the Chat27 “brand” to reflect what it’s all about, namely “chat” and “South Africa” – the +27 representing SA’s dialling code after all.

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Local is lekker (and faster!)

If you can read this, it means the transfer was successful (and that you’re literate)! Chat 27 is now hosted on local servers thanks to the affordable local hosting packages by Gridhost*. This has been a dream of mine since I started Chat 27, so it’s a big deal, ok?

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The Story of Chat27

In this post I want to give some background on Chat27, and maybe address some questions and misconceptions that might pop up when people visit this site. This post will hopefully give some valuable insight, and serve as a useful reference. Please forgive the typos and grammatical errors. I’m a scatterbrain without the luxury of a proofing and editorial team behind me! lol

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